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Wednesday, January 02, 2013

What I Learned In 2012

For the past couple years now I have written a post sharing what I learned in the previous year and how it changed me or relates to how I will go forward in life. As I was thinking over the past year I realized it would be harder in 2012 than previously. So much has happened from major disappointments to shock, to joy. Trying to pick the biggest lesson from the year was difficult for me but I think I can sum it up to say that no matter what happens around you to stay strong and confident that the best is yet to come. Don't worry, I will spare you a lengthy melodrama or too many cheesy remarks. 
Hope is a powerful thing, always believe that your life can be improved. Whether it's your mental or physical health, happiness, or dealing with a tragedy, we must learn to take it in stride. Know yourself and process your emotions. Reach forward either by focusing on the future and what you're going to change or do, or reach out to others. No matter what is happening there is always someone going through something worse. There is always someone with less blessings, less family, less money, etc. All we have to do is remember the victims or Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy to understand this. 

We need to strive for peace, always. Whether it's local or abroad. A small or a large scale. Little things can make a big difference. No matter how chaotic things get in our lives, don't forget the big picture. It's worth working towards!
And lastly, I have learned to recognize those that are true friends. This past year, more than ever, I have appreciated those who stand with me and beside me. Those who have made me laugh in spite of tears, pray through the tears, and be to thankful through the tears. Those who have put me first when I needed it. Those who have read my blog hahaha even when there is nothing worth reading! Those who have tested my new recipes a.k.a. experiments. :) Those who I have spent so much time with and made so many memories with that I hope I never forget. Shows, concerts, dinners, movies, or just sitting and talking. 
I hope that everyone has at least one friend in their lives that they can list these things about, that they can count on. I know I have more than one and for that I am eternally grateful.
I am looking forward to an awesome 2013 and I truly wish you all the best that life has to offer!!
As always, thanks for reading and HAPPY NEW YEAR

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