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Monday, February 11, 2008

"The Importance of Self-Control"

Well, after tons of comma-splices and a lot of extra sentences that weren't needed and well-exceeded the word limit (imagine that...) this is what I ended up with! It's a mock paper on the importance of self-control (hence, the title) and it's a little embarrassing, especially when its being read in front of a bunch of strangers. He asked me if I wanted to read it myself and I politely responded with, absolutely not. I began with the idea from the post that I did, "To Share or Not to Share", some may remember it, a bitter and selfish post on not sharing my M&Ms and being a glutton...
"The Importance of Self-Control"
by Nicole T.
Composition - Assignment #1

They say the first step to overcoming a problem is admitting that a problem exists. Well, I have one. It all started yesterday when I was shopping in Walmart. I had managed not to buy anything that I didn’t need, until I got to the checkout lane. We all know why they put those snacks and candy at checkouts, for the weaker of the dieters, the more liberal eaters, namely, me! In my defense, it wasn't entirely my fault. The cashier was one of the slowest cashiers I have ever had. This is the worst thing for a person waiting with a sweet tooth. This is when most people would use self-control. Unfortunately, I had never practiced in checkout aisles and, therefore, was unprepared. So, as I was standing there, I looked to my left, where I saw a display of candy, gum, and mints. To my right were other miscellaneous food items such as Slim Jims, Combos and other enticing snacks. Slightly behind me were the travel items, magazines, and small children's toys. Up ahead was the drink cooler. Obviously, this was the problem; I was surrounded! How could I resist? I caved to some Slim Jims, a candy bar, a "Tear & Share" pack of M&Ms, and two packs of gum.When I arrived home I opened my “Tear and Share” pack of M&Ms. As I did so, I started to feel a bit guilty for not getting the smaller size. Then I thought to myself, “Whose idea was that?” Seriously, do you know anyone who buys a "Tear & Share" pack and actually shares it? They're only ninety-eight cents- get your own! Also, who would buy a regular size pack when the bigger one is right there, for a mere forty cents more? I don't get it. So not only am I an advertiser's dream customer, but also, I'm greedy with my M&Ms. I admit it. So as I was sitting there, eating my large hand size bag of M&Ms, I knew that before I went to bed I would have eaten the entire pack. I ask myself, “Is that so wrong?” Is it my fault that they didn't go with the usual name of "King's Size"? Instead, they have to make people feel bad for getting the bigger bag when they know they're not going to share. Isn't it enough that I bought my sister a PayDay; now I have to share my M&Ms with everybody too? Is that what's expected? Maybe they should change the name, and not to something that makes people feel guilty like "bigger bags for bigger people" or, "big bags for big mouths." It must be something neutral. People who have overcome self-control issues probably have the foresight to think, "When waiting in line, wear blinders," "Don't make eye contact with the candy," or, "Get the small size; do you want people to think you’re a glutton?" Or maybe I'm the only person in the whole world who does not share their M&Ms. It’s these very thoughts that have caused me to vow to never again buy a “Tear and Share” pack of M&Ms. I will bring a friend with me to the store so that I’m too self-conscious to buy anything food-related. It hurts when I think of how I must have looked to the employee watching the camera as I lost that inward battle. What about the next time he sees me in the store, will he think to himself, “Hey, that’s the girl who cleaned out the candy display the last time she was here?” Self-control is my new top-priority. That, and shopping at Target.


The Kramer's said...

Loved it!! :-)

Jessica Hamilton said...

Awesome! You are so creative! I hate sharing my M&M's! Jess

Nikki said...

Glad you guys liked it!

To Jess: My mom told me about your call earlier! Congratulations!!! I'm so excited for you guys!!!

Jess Hamilton said...

Thanks Nikki. We're excited, too! Thanks for calling Amy tonight. That was thoughtful of you. Keep up the good work! :-)