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Friday, December 30, 2011

2012 - Year of the Dragon

Everyone around me knows that I have been PUMPED for 2012! Super excited and ready for a great year, I am over 2011!
Usually I check up on the new year Chinese horoscope. It started a couple years ago at work as a joke that we would all see what each year had "in store" for us and then it stuck! Well, this year I should have skipped the quirky tradition.
There are four areas that you can read a prediction on:

The first three were so-so, no big promises or gleams of optimism. Rather bleak in fact. Mostly they just said to play it safe, not take chances, and "follow the guidance of the Dragon" blah, blah, blah...
Then I got to the last category.

"Health: There is an Unlucky Star showing in health area. That's a sign of injury. Therefore, Horse people need to pay attention the safety at work, to drive carefully on the road and to avoid conflict with strangers. Also, if Horse people have physical fights with others or do dangerous sports (like mountain climbing, car racing, diving, ski or even riskier activities), it might cause a bloody injury. Some fortunetellers suggest that doing a blood donation or teeth cleaning will help people escape accidents or injuries. Also, Horse people shouldn't ignore their health in 2012. Otherwise, a hospital door is opening for you."

So..I guess I'll be staying home in 2012.

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