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Friday, March 01, 2013

Residents of Ohio - Put Down Your Phones

Watch out Ohians: The texting ban went into effect today. As for minors, you can't even talk on the phone. I'm glad we're fixing real issues in the Buckeye state... Chances are if you need to be told to put your phone away because it's too distracting for you and you're not paying attention to the ton of engine and parts you're sitting in, then you probably shouldn't be driving. Sending a quick text or typing something out is no worse than eating while driving or changing the radio station. If you can't do it, don't. Why do you need the government to tell you not to? I guarantee my food has distracted me more than my phone ever has in the car. As I'm sure anyone who has tried to eat a taco on the go will agree with. Self monitoring caused me to not eat taco bell when I'm driving again because I now know I will be paying more attention to the toppings and sauce dripping than the car in front of me but then again maybe I won't stop, maybe I'll just wait for the eating ban.

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