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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

#5 Recognize Good and Evil, and Know What You Want

Not every person at college will have the right mindset or goals or even be there because they want to be. Manipulation and split personalities are trained skills. Not easily detected, but there are red flags. If a girl does not have a lot of girl friends, it means other girls don’t like her and there’s probably a good reason for that. If a is a senior and interested in you, don’t be flattered, there’s probably a good reason they're dipping into the Freshman pool. Desperate or a player. Be with someone you genuinely love to be around, someone smart and witty not someone who will go along with everything you say or do. Someone who takes care of themself and will take care of you too. Someone you are comfortable talking to about anything. You want someone not afraid to say exactly what they want and feel. Fighting is normal, it’s passion and as long as you’re both still talking, even fighting, and there’s communication, it means there’s still caring and feelings. Don’t shut down on someone you love. If you have to walk away for a minute that’s different, that’s mature, but don’t shut them out completely.

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