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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Dear McDonalds

To Whom It May Concern,

Previously I contacted you to ask when the McRib would be returning and was elated a few weeks later when it did in fact make a national reappearance. Your sandwich is under constant fire from my fellow coworkers who vary from saying that it is kangaroo meat to the actual truth, pig intestines (let's face it, there's no pretending it's quality meat, but it IS pure deliciousness), critics even going so far as to rename it the "the McDeath" sandwich. In spite of the controversy I have been able to gather a few followers of the McRib. I know that writing to you regarding this may seem pointless but I do believe in positive feedback when a company offers a great product, especially one that inspires such a "cult-like" following. I am not one of those mega-fans who waste time signing petitions and searching for blogs requesting to add the McRib to the full-time menu, I believe that part of the McRib's charm is it's elusiveness and would hate to see that ruined.

I admit I was a skeptic at first and it truly won me over. Thanks for offering such a fun product and keep up the great advertising!

Thank you for your time.


Joseph said...

i've never had a "mcrib"

The Kramer's said...

Ahh, how I miss you! :) Love this! Made me laugh, you are a true believer in the McRib! :)I will say that b/c of me telling Tim about you raving about it on facebook he did try it! So you are helping McDonalds! :)

NLT said...

haha aww I miss you too!!! time flies by way too fast! Glad you liked and that I can spread a few good words about it :) lol I figured one last post was due now that the McRib is gone again.