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Friday, August 12, 2011

Sentencing of Anthony Sowell

Cuyahoga County Judge Dick Ambrose upheld the jury's recommendation today and sentenced convicted serial killer Anthony Sowell to death. Per the article on newsnet5.com by Jen Steer, (http://www.newsnet5.com/dpp/news/crime/bodies_found/Judge-upholds-jurys-recommendation-sentences-Cleveland-serial-killer-Anthony-Sowell-to-death), "Sowell sat with his eyes closed during Friday's proceedings and refused to sign a form that says he is a registered Tier III sex offender." The article also mentions how Sowell was playing video games while the police were dragging the bodies from his house. The level of lack of remorse from this man is actually not surprising given the day we live in. He did however, offer an apology in hopes of avoiding the death penalty. an apology that wisely the judge did not take into consideration.

Judge Ambrose scheduled the execution date on the three-year anniversary of when the bodies were found.

The link below is to the video of Judge Ambrose sentencing Sowell:


Shelly said...

yes and while the judge read the verdict he appeared to be sleeping...NICE!!!

Nicole said...