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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Pet Peeves of 2010

1.) Slow drivers.
I'll just be honest, I am not very patient. When I'm trapped behind someone barely going the speed limit, I find it very hard to remain calm and sweet. This is not something I'm proud of. Drivers on a Sunday afternoon drive during rush hour should n0t get to have a license.

2.) Self Check-outs.
I used to love these things! In 2010, every time I used one it was a bad experience. Waiting for a cashier's approval, technical error, and even the receipt paper needing to be replaced - all time consuming and irritating. (see above on the patience thing...)

3.) "Transferring to a Representative".
Most people love "getting to a person" in automated systems - they hate hitting buttons, waiting, and the computer voice - haha - I love it. I have found that I can get what I need done much faster and easier by just whizzing thru a touch tone system - I'm in, then out- no needing to explain my problem, give my CC and SSN info, answer a security question, trying to communicate my issue w/someone whose primary language is not English, or waiting on hold.

4.) Sleep.
90% of the days in 2010 I wished I had more sleep. LOL No matter how much I slept, It was never enough! This is why I plan to spend 2011 on less sleep - I know I can do it, I just need to train myself and man-up haha. I'll let you know how this goes.

5.) The Health Care Reform Bill - I find the entire thing disappointing.
No one knows what all is in this Bill. There are a lot of improvements and things to change in Health Care for this country, but this is not the road to take! We will see more in 2011 than we did in 2010. For those who have a flexible spending acct thru your employer, you already know!

First passing the bill:

One thing I do love is Rep. Mitch McConnell's response.

Attempting to Repeal the Bill:


The Kramer's said...

My pet peeve for winter would be people who do not clean off the snow off their car! I don't mind a little bit, but when you could build a snowman with the snow, invest in a snow brush! LOL! :)

Nicole said...

LOL esp if it's on the highway blowing on you =D

Sean said...

see my note "ode to the elderly on the road"