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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Stage 6 of Christmas - The Wrapping!

And wrapping, and wrapping, and wrapping, and....
lol SOOOOOOO much gift wrap, I don't want to think of the state of the forest right now!!! lol Although!! I did find (and buy) recycled gift wrap at Walmart this year!
And yes, Walmart has been so great this year, simply due to the fact that they are open 24 hours, and I have no time. haha
Now that it's crunch time, is anyone else still wrapping?!
Also, does anyone else have that horrible feeling that they forgot someone?! I HATE that feeling lol and I have it every year... it's horrible, how embarrassing would that be? =D
"Oh, yea...it's in...my, uh, car... let me go grab it..."
(hope they like McDonald's ketchup packets, an NRA keychain and some Purell...)

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