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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Stage 1 of Christmas - The Shopping!! =D

I officially started Christmas shopping today!!
Placed my first order online!!! Very excited for things to start arriving!
lol I love presents! Even when they're for other people!!
Has anyone else started?? What is the status of your shopping?
There's only a little over a month left!!


The Kramer's said...

I am almost done, and LOVE online shopping. I however have a slight problem buying for a VERY good little guy! :) Tim is ALREADY listening to xmas music, and my neighbors have their lights up! It's coming up quick! Are you shopping on black friday?

Sheila said...

i have ordered a fews things as well... have ideas in mind for others..

Nicole said...

I haven't put any decorations up yet, I'm waiting till after Thanksgiving...too early! lol I don't want to skip over Thanksgiving! I was in Walmart this week and they are playing Christmas music! It get's people in the spending mood! lol YES I'm shopping black Friday lol I need a new TV! =D

Ben said...

I can't afford to go christmas shopping :(

Christina said...

I am done with the kids, just have to pick up gift cards for the adults!

Carrie said...

I've begun...I've also ordered online. A new kids tent for Mic.