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Friday, October 29, 2010

Coming Our Way!

Get ready! Recent headline from the Denver Post:

"Health Plans' Tab to Soar."

Stats from the story (premium increases from employers to cover additional health care costs):

60% - Increase employee premium for family coverage.
57% - Increase employee premium for individual coverage.
50% - Increase deductibles.
29% - Increase employee maximum out-of-pocket expenses.

Be prepared now for more of your income going to copays and out-of-pockets.

Check out some of the sites below:

The Denver Post:
From a Pharmacist's Viewpoint: http://www.prweb.com/releases/2010/10/prweb4714094.htm
Tracking Healthcare Reform (the Washington Post):
Opposing Views:
"Good Health Care Reform Means Less Government":
"The Politics of Reform" - Washington Post Poll:
Articles on Health Care Reform:
Los Angeles Times - Articles About Healthcare Reform:
Debate & Research:
Top 10 Facts to Know About Health Care Reform:

The above links are for articles from both sides of the issue.
As well as not wanting to be completely biased towards one side.. :p
I believe that knowledge is power and regardless of your stance, you should be aware of the opposing side and why you beleive as you do.

If anyone knows of any other great or helpful sites - please let me know!

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