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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Learning to Make Lemonade...

Hello all! lol life has been...interesting lately!! My car has been out of commission for almost a month now - but thanks to the amazing Sparklins it was towed to Ashtabula last weekend and as soon as I purchase a transmission they will be switched out and I should have by next week!!! I miss it oh so much!! lol

I have been using my Dad's car while I don't have mine - a couple weeks ago, the wheelbearing snapped, (while I was driving it), and I needed to call AAA to have it towed bk home. It was repaired and everything was great until last week, when the frame snapped (near the axil, it was rusted out apparently) - again, while I was driving - and I (again) called AAA and was towed home.

So, now I am completely carless, but am so grateful for everyone who has helped me out the last couple weeks w/rides (esp. Kristi to-and-from work and my mom coming out from Bula)!!!

My new nickname is "car killer".

I am looking at apartments again! lol It's been two years since I moved last but this fall it will be time again! Not positive, depends on my parents (most ppl know the situation there lol) but it's imperative that I stay close to work. Will keep everyone posted on that one!! =D

Speaking of work... lol I have thoroughly enjoyed my break from Pizza Hut and have loved having my weekends off w/o having to request them or find a replacement, etc. but w/fall coming and having the unexpected car expenses - I am hoping to find another second job!! Wish me luck b/c I HATE interviews!!!! lol

Due to the current car situation - I missed two concerts I planned on seeing, Tim McGraw and Brooks and Dunn :'( To make it worse, I heard they were both amazing... as expected... LOL - I will also most likely be missing Randy Houser - insert very sad face.

But what can you do? lol Except do everything possible not to miss Joe Nichols and Blake Shelton - hahaha it will make them that much better... ok not really, but there is always next year!!

Work has been insane! Very busy as well as slightly overwhelmed, but hanging in! lol determined to not get behind! I did lose one battle tho, and that would be the clean desk battle - I have concluded that the stacks of papers, files, and checks will be there....forever. At least it's not the same stacks, I'm on a cycle lol everytime I remove or complete something - a new project appears. At least it's always interesting and always busy! Reps will never know what they are talking about and customers will always think that they do... it's just the way it is. ;)

On a good note, I've learned a few things such as: boots, axil, frame, ball joint, wheelbearings, where oil goes, that you can substitute water for coolant in a pinch, and that you should always have a back-up plan - LOL

On to Fall! =D

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