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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Why I Like Morning Workouts...

People always tell you that after a workout they feel "refreshed", "youthful", & "empowered" .

FYI: They Lie.

In truth, you feel "exhausted", "old", & "very out-of-shape"

That's just if I could put it into my own words based on my own experience...
HOWEVER - there is no feeling better than at the end of the day, knowing that even if you did nothing else... you went to the gym.

You got up, got dressed, drove somewhere, and you were sweating. These all add up to one great accomplishment: DISCIPLINE.

I find the hardest part is getting out of bed. Getting dressed. and leaving my house while the rest of the world is sleeping.

After that: it's all down-hill.

That burst of energy you get when you arrive back at home, bright-faced and ready for whatever work challenges come your way, makes it all worth it. You may feel sluggish, run-down, and down-right disgusting from the amount of sweat you are releasing while during the work-out, it's the AFTER feelings that make it worth it.

So later, when you're at work and people come in complaining about their lack of sleep b/c they stayed up till four playing solitaire, "farmville", "yoville" or any other kind of "ville" on the computer or b/c they had to leave early to get gas, breakfast, or a coffee fix on their way to work - you can smile b/c you've been up for hours already & actually accomplished something. Its like you have a head start on the day!

When you get home after work you can relax guiltless b/c you showed your true commitment to being healthy. (or for getting rid of the extra weight from that box of doughnuts you ate last week) ...(or *cough* loaf of bread if you're me...)

Nothing beats it. It clears your head, helps you gather your thoughts, lets you get a game-plan for the day, and best of all - you're not battling the teeny-boppers for a treadmill after work...

Also, I find it a fantastic release.


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