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Monday, December 17, 2012

Newtown, CT School Shooting - Remember the Victims (12/14/2012)

As tragic and as heartbreaking as what happened in Connecticut on Friday was, I am baffled by some people's response that gun control is the answer. As long as the world has been, there has always been evil. There has always been mentally disturbed individuals, individuals with a twisted outlook on life and those who they view as responsible for what has happened to them. Individuals who are selfish, spiritually with no guidance or accountability to other human beings or a sense of morals. This is devastating to me that we, as a society, would glorify these individuals by parading them across our T.V.s and news feeds and then that we would blame the guns and wonder "How could this happen?"

When a drunk driver goes the wrong way on the highway and kills a dozen people, we do not turn around and try to take away every one's right to drive or own a car. We punish that individual. We grieve for the lives lost and families suffering, those who can send money to help with funeral costs or volunteer with charities who raise awareness of the severity of driving under the influence and what can happen when we act selfishly. It would be ridiculous to blame the car or all drivers because of the minority of people who only think of themselves and become murderers. 

Let us stay focused on the victims.

Let us not be blinded by our pain and shock into believing that this can solved by stripping away our Constitutional right to gun ownership and the right to protect ourselves. 

You can click  here to read about where to send donations to as well as a number for those who would like to volunteer. You can also go directly to the Newtown Parent Connection, Inc. site and make donations there as well as see about trauma support sessions for those in the Newtown area. 

You can participate in honoring the victims today by wearing blue and yellow/gold in their memory.

As always, thank you for reading.

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