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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Response to Yahoo Article: "CEO to Workers: I May Fire You if Obama Wins"

There is an article on Yahoo today about CEO  David Siegel, (the owner of Westgate Resorts), stating that he will probably have to lay off  many workers and possibly even shut down his company if Obama is reelected and taxes raised. 

For those who aren't familiar with the story you can read it here.

The article brings up the true point that David Siegel is NOT the best person to speak on managing money well or not overspending simply based on his history and extravagance. However, he is 100% right with his prediction. A company cannot survive being taxed to death and  the email he sent is excellent! Although I don't agree with the part of his email that seems slightly whiny over how he eats, breathes, and dreams about the company, The average person is not going to feel bad for him. I can see why he felt it necessary to include it, to show his dedication and heart in the company but that's a sacrifice he makes to be where he is at and I'm sure the perks outweigh the benefits or he wouldn't be doing it. No one would. In spite of that portion, his email was dead on.

I'm happy to see this article! This is one of many companies in danger! Thousands of many who will lose their jobs. It's not just about free health care and making the rich pay a bigger share - you can't tax the rich to death and you can't expect the economy to NOT be affected. If businesses can't survive, workers can't survive, families can't survive. Think about the America you're leaving for your children.
I'm tired of so many people being mindless sheep to the slaughter when it comes to choosing leaders. WE GET TO CHOOSE OUR LEADERS. Do not take it lightly, many people do not have that option!

Personally, I do not like Romney but I like him better than Obama. I am wise enough to have researched what Obama believes and does and plans to do and who he accepts money from to the point that I know he is not the right man to lead our country. 

I wish that everyone would make an educated voting decision based on what is best for the country as a whole. Based on what is best for the businesses of the country and the future generations. Perhaps I'm being too idealistic but I truly believe people can make a difference. Every vote counts and we can fix the economy. 

Do not base your vote on one or two things, but educate yourself on both candidates and make the best decision for our country.

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