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Friday, June 01, 2012

#1 Don’t Expect To Be A Millionaire

Over the next week I am going to post a series of  short posts geared to those in this 2010 graduating year! To the class of 2012 I would like to pass on some realism. Of course I am all for dreaming big and having goals, but I am also about balance. Not in a condescending, bitter, or mean way, so give them a chance. Just a few things I would have liked someone to tell me when I was graduating.

Don't expect to be a millionare.

This is 99.99% never going to be in the realm of reality. When you first get out of college more than likely you will get a job. Don’t waste it or mess it up. You want MORE than just a job, one of the wisest things anyone ever said to me was in my college orientation, the Dean said: a JOB is what you could get and you will become it:  Just Over Broke. So make sure what you do and whatever career you choose is something you really LOVE don’t waste time with it otherwise. Life is too short. If it’s not a stepping stone to something great, move on.

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