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Monday, February 13, 2012

New Year's Resolutions

Like many well-intentioned highly motivated and enthused new year resolutioners, I set a pretty lofty goal for myself at the start of 2012. Of course, like probably 95% of American women, I decided that this would be the year that I get rid of my "wobbly bits" (thank you Bridget Jones for making it OK to say that) and just live a healthier lifestyle. Not a big deal, I was going to achieve this by simply doing two things.
Nothing carbonated.
No fast food.
So, as I sit here on February 13th. The day before Valentine's Day. Debating whether or not to get back on Facebook and read a few more of the Anti-Love posts from depressed people and drinking my carbonated "Go Ape" energy drink. I am pleased with myself.
Although obviously I have not kept 100% to my goals I have, for the most part been keeping my resolution. Except for an occasional cup of chili from Wendy's and Polar Pop from Circle K or Red Bull, I've kept away. Granted, there will always be cravings, slip ups, and downright rebellions, all-in-all I think it's going to be a great year. By summer I plan to be off the sauce completely.
We'll see.

How Are You Doing With Your New Year's Resolution?
Completely changed person, held to my goal 100%
A few slip-ups but overall I've been doing well
I've long let go of any hope of sticking to a resolution.
I never make New Year's resolutions.
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The Kramer's said...

I wouldn't consider Wendy's chili fast food. It says on the bowl, "high in fiber" It must be good for you! :) lol!! I could NOT do the no caffenine. I give you credit!

NLT said...

lol oh I haven't given up caffiene!! I couldn't live without my coffee... just carbonation! Could you imagine? haha I think I'll spare my coworkers and retain my perky exterior. lol