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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

All of the Other Reindeer: A Bad Influence?

Last week there were a couple news stories where parents were advised not to let their children listen to the classic Christmas song about Rudolph this year. The debate is whether or not it teaches children that they should only be friends with someone who can do something for them.
This is absurd.
Songs like this are not what is ruining this generation of children. Parents of this generation are the problem. Media is the problem. Making excuses for bullying instead of disciplining and consistent training at home are the problem and parents who expect the school to raise their kids rather than themselves. An excuse should never be made for a child who is making fun of another child. Kids will be kids, and they will pick on each other from time to time, that's the type of behavior that should be corrected immediately so they learn the difference between what is acceptable treatment of others and what is not.

I submit that the reindeer actually learned a lesson that day. That they shouldn't judge someone just because they are different and that we all have different abilities that were given to us to accomplish a purpose. The reason for Rudolph's red nose was to lead the way. Santa recognized that.
With that being said, I will continue to listen to Rudolph for this year, as well as many years to come and I hope that if I ever become a parent I will be a good enough one to teach my children the true meaning of the song as well as Christmas, not just during the holiday season but all through the year.


Anonymous said...

great job nikka! i agree!

NLT said...

Thanks - that one, I have to say, caught me off guard!