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Monday, August 29, 2011

13 Rules for Relationships

1.) Have TVs in separate rooms so there is never any fighting.
2.) No cell phones at home.
3.) No facebook or email after dinner.
4.) Attend church regularly.
5.) Let things go.
6.) No "Bridezillas".
7.) No "Jersey Shore".
8.) No antagonizing.

9.) No name calling or using the word "hate".
10.) Pick your battles.
11.) Pay all bills and set savings amt. aside on payday. Don't wait or leave finances undone into the next week.
12.) No yelling, ever. Walk away when you feel yourself going there.
13.) Always kiss and make-up.


Katie said...

‎14.) Have 2 flat screens in the living room and both parties are even MORE happy :)....this is what we do here

T.B.S. said...

"Idiot Idiot Idiot"

Jim Halpert:

It's my new Dwight ring.

Pam Beesly:

I like it.

Jim Halpert:

Good right? [picks up his phone] Hello?

Dwight Schrute:

[over the phone] Idiot, we're starting back up. This is Dwight by the way.

Jim Halpert:

Oh, ok.