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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

About Reformers Unanimous

Previously on my blog I have written about A.A. and gave other links to support groups for all types of things so it is only appropriate that I would share this one as well! A lot of churches have started this ministry, (including the one that Brandon's family goes to in Streetsboro, OH!), as an outreach program and I know more and more people who have benefited from it and have found the strength and help to turn their lives around. There are other great programs and support groups out there but the difference with RU is that it is a FAITH based program.
According to their website, "Reformers Unanimous is a revolutionary addiction recovery program developed from over a decade of experience working with hundreds of thousands of addicts through local churches. Renowned addiction experts Steve Curington, and Dr. Paul Kingsbury have produced a program that uses a unique spiritual approach to develop lifelong sobriety. If you have tried everything else, and are looking for something that "just works" then this program is for you."
It is so encouraging that such a great program has grown so much and helped so many, "What had started as a humble, Friday night Bible study with 4 regular attendees quickly exploded into meetings with more than 300 people from throughout the community. As word spread, other churches began to inquire about this ministry at North Love Baptist Church. The National Ministry of RU was quickly launched, and shortly after that, the International Ministry was born. Today, there are more than 680 chapters throughout the nation and 12 foreign countries. In these chapters, the curriculum developed by Steve Curington and the Reformers Unanimous Staff is used to great effect. Reformers Unanimous boasts an 82% success rate among the graduates of its discipleship course. The program has proven to be so effective for one very important reason—it takes people from lives of addiction and places them into God’s intended support group, the local church. Here the addict becomes firmly fixed in the ways of a healthy and godly lifestyle and forsakes his former ways for the abundant Christian life that proves to be so much more rewarding. This method is as close to infallible as possible because it is 100% Bible-based. It follows the doctrine that Jesus Christ is the only 'Way, Truth, and Life.' "

I have included the link below! I really want to get the word out on this program since I know it has helped so many. Whatever addiction has a hold of your life RU may be able to help you through it! Another great thing about RU is that the family members are welcome at all the meetings.
Also from the RU site, here are a some signs of addiction:
"The addict will, as already mentioned, often make your life miserable. They are self-centered and extremely manipulative. They lie without even thinking about it. They even, at times, believe the lies they are telling you. Addicts can often be suspicious and paranoid. They can, on occasion, hallucinate and believe that their hallucinations are reality. They accuse people of conspiring against them. They accuse their spouse of unfaithfulness. This is all done in an attempt to deflect attention from them and their issue. They deny the obvious. They do not show up for work, and then they get angry and blame the boss when they are fired. They steal from their family, and when they are confronted about the issue they get offended. They say one thing and do another. They contradict themselves in word and action. When the truth comes out, and they are confronted with it, they become angry and blame others for what transpired. While they are actively on the drug they feel that they are invincible and that they will never get caught. If they have children, they inevitably end up neglecting them or even abusing them. You see, the addict is caught up in his own little world, and he becomes incapable of caring about anything but his drug."


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