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Sunday, February 06, 2011

The Things We Do for Love :)

We all know there are sacrifices you have to make when you're in a relationship. One of the big ones is taking an interest in something that your significant other is interested in...or pretending to, let's be honest. Guys, we know you're not always truly caring about that new Bath and Body Works scent, romantic comedy coming out or the Kardashians, and girls are def not excited about that talking baby commercial, new buffet opening, or that hiking and canoeing trip you keep talking about. (most of the time this is true anyway)
That being said...you gotta do it. You have to humor the one you love b/c you care about them, and you respect them even if you think that stamp collection or pile of scrapbooks is boring.
But that's not really what I'm writing about. Today I'm writing about those rare occasions when you discover you have an interest in something new. Something they love!
Girls, I'm talking about Sports. Now some of you I know can talk all the sports lingo and understand the excitement, frustration, and occasional tears associated with every sports season. Good for you.
For me on the other hand, it's different. I enjoy two sports, tennis and baseball. I grew up playing softball, I love it. I love the Indians and going to games. I love tennis too. I think it's exciting and intense. When Brandon and I started dating it was the beginning of baseball season. He went to an Indians game with me even tho I know it bored him. All summer he played tennis twice a week with me. Then came football season..and it was my turn. Now, Brandon and I are different kinds of fans. He knows the names of the players, the past players, terminology, strategies, names of the plays, rules, etc. I'm not really that serious.
Thankfully he is not an obsessive fan. Thankfully there have only been a few times when he starts talking about team facts, favorite players, and what his team needs to do to win..and those times are when I find myself wondering what I should say..."Oh, really?" , "I hope they do win", "I like their jerseys", "Wait, which one's that?"
But that was in the beginning. Now it's Super Bowl Sunday. The BIG game day. The one every other game leads up to. And his team is in it. They made it. As the VP at work says, they got invited to the dance. And I can honestly say I'm excited and happy for them! What began as an absolute zero interest in football has grown to somewhat of an interest. haha For the first time I am blogging on Superbowl Sunday (Hey, baby steps...usually I'm at a party where I socialize for the first 3 and 1/2 quarters) while the game is on and I actually care - and it's not b/c they're currently winning ( =D ) or b/c they have Aaron Rogers...but b/c when you put a little effort and a little interest into something that your significant other is interested in., you might actually find out that you like it too!
Aaaand also, it's not brain surgery that when the person you're with is happy, you're happy!

So, with ALL that being said....GO PACKERS!

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Anonymous said...

thanks for watching it with me and putting up with it.i love playing tennis with you and loved going to the indians game with you i would love to go again!!