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Friday, December 24, 2010

Stage 8 of Christmas - The Last Minute Scrambling

Last night at 11 o'clock I found myself in Walmart...for a luffa and a giftcard.


I couldn't believe it, I knew it would be busy but these lines went from the front check outs back to lawn and garden in one direction and health and beauty in the other lol We used the electronics check out which was a little bit better but still, a lot of people had the same idea!

Great sales though!!! haha It was hard for me to resist all the $5 and $6 DVDs!!!

It was nice that the cashier had a sense of humor and was friendly because people were so rude lol and I was so tired...

One woman had her son saving her place in line while she went to get more stuff...she came back with the most random things. A candle, cookies dough, an outfit for a little girl, a CD, and that was all I could see before it would have qualified as staring. haha
I did check out everyone's goods while waiting and I was surprised how many people were calling the store and asking if they had certain items. Are you serious? The cashiers were answering the phone, do you think they are going to walk away from the lines to go and find whatever it is you're asking for? If you want it bad enough then get out and get it. If they were not sure on an item, they referred the customer to the online store inventory but when they knew something was out of stock they would let them know. Do not get mad if they tell you they're out of stock an item...it's two days before Christmas!

I'm so glad I'm done! =D I think that is really the last thing I had to buy! One more thing to wrap this morning then that is it - on to the gift opening!!

Merry Christmas Eve Everyone!!

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