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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Stage 3 of Christmas - The Decorations!

My apt. is done lol well almost, I'm waiting for some snowflake lights to arrive! I'm pretty basic anyway and since I live in an apt. it's easy to stay that way! I think decorations should be up the weekend after Thanksgiving, but some people in my neighborhood have had them up for weeks!
I DID notice that my immediate neighbors on the left put up their lights on the same day as me!... suspicious... haha coincidence I think not! =D
p.s. here in NE Ohio...there's still no snow!!!


The Kramer's said...

Where are the pictures?? Tim put ours up a few weeks ago, we did the tree the other night, and we too are big fans of the 25 days till xmas! :)

slipsterallen said...

eat those words...let it snow, let it snow