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Sunday, February 24, 2008


For one of my English Assignments we were given a list of sentences starters from which we had to chose one to write an essay on. The sentences were:
1.) "Natalie stood in the doorway shaking, trembling. She couldn't believe she had finally done it."
2.) "As he looked in the mirror, he, for the first time, accepted what he saw, what he was. It was time to admit..."
3.) "Yes, Margaret was a large woman-a large, strong woman. This was not going to be easy. But what really made him nervous, what bothered him was not her size or strength it was her..."
4.) "they kissed in the doorway for a long moment. As she looked into his eyes and felt his heartbeat quickening against her own, she knew. She could not do this-she could not hurt another human being this way. At that moment, she knew..."
As you can imagine, we had a lot of fun finishing these sentences...we could take the paper anywhere we wanted as long as we began it with one of the above sentences. We were also allowed to change the main character from a "he" to a "she" or vise versa. We were given about 20 minutes of in-class time to write it. I chose the second sentence and called it...
"The Race Against Time"
by Nicole T.
Composition - Assignment #3
As she looked in the mirror, she, for the first time, accepted what she saw, what she was. It was time to admit...she was old. Yes, she was fighting a losing battle. As she stood there facing the sagging skin, fatty love handles, and baggy eyes, she had to admit that it was all down hill from here.
In the last few months she had been denying it, refusing to face the facts, refusing to see what she knew was there. She had always viewed herself as the possessor of eternal youth. Twenty years ago she had fully believed that she would never grow old. Now it was time to face the inevitable, age had caught up with her.
As you've probably gathered...this isn't one of my more "motivational" essays...

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